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Crank but no start

crew chief

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Hey everybody,

Has anyone else experienced this?

Every once in a while, completely random I turn the key and it cranks and cranks on the "auto start" until it times out without even a cough. I cycle the key, and it starts up mint. Pretty embarising with people in the car.

Love this thing but this is one of those issues that the the dealer has never been able to replicate, also , again very rare but i have a nasty thunk if i hit the gas on a rolling start, like its confused when downshifting to 1st.

Just wondering if anyone else out there has had similar problems

And i f i keep my foot out of it i average about 18mpg


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I haven't had either one of these problems, but your mpg sounds kind of low. I have an 07 SEL+ that just hit 24k miles. In the winter here in Iowa the mpgs will drop to 18-20 when it's below 0, but most of the time in the winter it stays around the 20-22 mpg range. Summer I have seen 24-29 out of it. Now those are running mostly hiway but some in town. In town alone this thing sucks. I have seen 13s and 14s for a half a tank of all in town use. My 74 F100 with a 390 gets 12 all the time.

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Thats a winter avg for me, usually -20 celsius here in Canada the last few months

AWD plus i'm bad for letting it idle

Summers I get mid 20's mpg

Its funny how the " old ones" are getting decent milage compared to some of the new products out there.

Not to mention the new diesels, i feel sorry for those guys

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I had the "thunk" one time - I'm just going to wait and see if it happens some more before I get too worried - I am having a clunk that just started when going over small bumps in the road - seems to be from the passenger side. I'm going to call the dealer to see if they want to look at it or wait. I'm sure that is probably something loost from it being torn apart 3 times for the PTU issue. On a good note though, it is getting really good mileage - 24-29 MPG depending on if I'm in town or on the highway. I run mid grade gas and it is way better than I ever expected.

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