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Anyone with a ticking noise?


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I have an 08 limited, and I swear when I start it up, hell even leave it running theres a ticking noise of some sort coming from passenger engine side. I took it into the dealer and they said there is a service bulletin that these edges do have a noise like that which is normal.


Anyone else?

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It's the fuel injectors doing their job. Ticking sound resonates through the fuel rail. Some are louder than others and I have no idea why. If it gets worse or sporadic, then there is something else wrong.

I have a 2008 edge, limited AWD and it does the same thing. I was told by the service department that it was normal operation. During one of my visits for a PTO repair, they gave me a EDGE rental and it too had this ticking noise. It's a great car but it's not a Benz!

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