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I love the concept.. would consider an after market install of this if it was truly a Ford product that met their specs to gain the benefits this actual "easy fuel system" touts




I wonder if an after market setup could actually seal snug enough to keep the check engine light from coming on (plus all the other neat design benefits they built into it)... we know we need to close our gas caps making sure you get the clicks, and if not, you can get check engine light due to lack of pressure.. so I wonder how an after-market, as compared to a true Ford factory install with maybe other changes in the fuel system not noted, would work.


Tom.. where have you seen this system available for sale?

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hey, thanks for the tip... I am going to look into this device (#41004 is their part number for the Edge) and maybe give it a try. love the idea.


no probs for you? no check engine light issues with their seal not sealing? just wanted some real world comments.


I just read this funny claim elsewhere: According to Sun Oil research, a missing or defective fuel cap can allow as much as 176 pounds of gasoline vapors (22 gallons) to evaporate into the atmosphere each year. At $3 per gallon, that adds up to over $65 per year. Have you had your gas cap checked recently?

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I have been using for about 2 months (dozen fills) now without out any problems.


No check engine light. No problems with sealing.


Just have to make sure that the gas nozzle can reach through both holes.


Also you need to wait a second or two after filling so you don`t get drizzle ( you know - like you would at the urinal).


Believe me when it is cold here - you don`t want to stand around outside filling your vehicle any longer than you have to.




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The length of the nozzle, not the hose.


yes, yes.. I understood that of course... but was hoping he would elaborate as I figured, this day and age, they are all standard length/width nozzles so how could it NOT be long enough? So, I was just pointing out since they are all universal, and if you look at the gas cap which is only about 1.5 to 2" in height so you would only need a nozzle to be that long, and where do you find one that is not??? then you must be at the end of the hose length and so the nozzle is not able to go in far enough.. as every nozzle should go in just fine no matter where you are, even if in the middle of no where back water small town.

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thanks for that link... but still, the filler door that is already is in the fuel pipe will now just be what, 1.5" or less lower, relative to the nozzle, than it would be since that is about how thick the cap is above the lip? and so you have come across nozzles that cannot reach that extra depth and actuate the door?


now the thing this does point out, which might be the killer for me, is that it says "Not recommended with vapor hooded nozzles. On hooded nozzles you may need to hold the nozzle in position to refuel properly or remove the cap and refuel without using the InStant Fill cap" - they show the device being used with a nozzle with no vapor hood. well, when I think about it, I cannot think of the last time I came across a station that did NOT have vapor hoods. thus, making this device a possible PITA to use if it cannot be correctly used with the very ubiquitous vapor hood. that actually really surprises me.

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This is a caveat, as I have no problems with the gas stations I have been using here in Canada.


The vast majority of stations here do not have the vapour hoods on them. There is about a 1.5 inch or so between the cap and the existing flap. (My Edge doesn`t actually have a flap on it - I don`t know if this is a defect or not)


If you use gas stations with the vapour hood on them this is going to be a problem or your going to end up unscrewing the cap, therefore there is not advantage to this gas cap.

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