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How to remove rear center armrest

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Our child is now tall enough that we have to turn the car seat to face forward, unfortunately it hits the center headrest which appears to not be removable


So I'd like to remove the center armrest completely and install the carseat. Does anyone know how this comes off?


I don't want to install the carseat in any place but the center position, this is not an option.

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Can't give you specific instructions but if they can put it in during assembly you should be able to take it out.


Before you get out the tools another question you might ask is are there "latch" fastening points for a car seat in the center position? I know there are latch points in the outer rear seats from when we had two seats installed but I never checked for the center only. Also I don't recall where the top tether strap secures to behind the rear seats. Guess you will have to get out the manual.


The other thing you are going to find out is that when they go to a booster seat the rear seat belt buckle/latches are not extended out far enough for kids to easily insert the latch by themselves. Save yourself time by helping them buckle up before you close their door and then get in the front. I can't describe the number of times we have sat there waiting for the "click" only to have to hop out again to buckle them up right or double check. It is one of the minor complaints we have with our 2008 SEL.

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there is a latch behind all 3 rear seating positions, well there is on my 07 anyways.


fyi if anyone else wants to do this on the passenger side of the armrest hinge there's a plastic cover, pop that off and remove a torq 45 bolt and the armrest comes right off.


Our Britax car seat back actually fits perfect in the space that the armrest previously took.

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