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blue oval family wants the Edge to growl


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hi forum...


new to the Edge, but not new to fords, or cars or forums (so yeah.. i'll be sure to use the search button)


i come from a ford family, taurus, F150, focus, Explorer, mustang, ranger...


bought the Edge in march 08 4 the wife... but I'm letting my father drive my focus.. so customizing has now moved onto the Edge.


plans: intake, exhaust, custom mesh inserts into seats, ground wires, strut bar, springs... guage light and console color change (to red or orange).. AF/Volt, temp guages... paint grille black, sport tail lights/headlights.. steeda tuner, high flow cat,


and depending on how much time & $... paint matched wheels.


not into ICE at all..so ... thats gonna stay stock..


well.. i'm gonna go look around now..



2008 SEL w/Vista roof, metallic Ice blue...

completely stock atm. ... soon to change !

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sounds good. Intake is a waste of time and look at other tuners besides Steeda. All they have are canned tunes from SCT. There are lots of Performance shops that write their own tunes and make better power than a standrd can tune (they use the SCT X-3 also). There are more Cat back companys finally getting involved so shop around and have fun!!

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