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Looking for $750 bonus cash coupon


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I am getting ready to sign the paperwork on an 09 Edge limited and have found alot of great stuff here on the forum. I was wondering if anyone had one of the $750 bonus cash coupons they are not going to be using. I signed up for the brochure at Ford.com and those are supposed to come with the coupon but I need it sooner than 2 weeks.


I would be willing to pay any overnight shipping fees associated with getting it to me in the next couple of days.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




PS: I hope this is in the right section.

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I got the brochure without the coupon????


Usually the coupons are customer specific, so they can't be transferred. :redcard:


True. In fact you don't even need the coupon - when they put your info into the system it shows whether you're eligible for that rebate or not. At least that's the way mine worked.

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I checked with a dealer buddy and he said the certificates are only transferable between immediate family members this time. May have been more open in the past. It was a select mailing to homes determined to be close to "in the market" for a new vehicle.


Have your dealer run a VinCent on the vehicle you are considering buying. That will tell you all the possible incentives there are on that vehicle, on that day, in your zip code. Also check to see if your employer is a Ford "partner" for X-Plan purchasing. Some are and the employees don't know it.

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the $750 coupons don't work with A/Z/D plans...I found out the hard way. My dealer gave me the rebate then called the next day and told me it didn't work. I owe the dealer $750 now. oops.


Did the coupon not work because it was sent to another person (who gave it to you) and Ford requires them to be used by the recipient or immediate family?


Or do the rules say no AXZD use?


Had the dealership run a VinCent on the vehicle when they sold it to you, they should have known the rules.


Ready, shoot, aim!

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