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Getting ready to sign the paperwork for 09 Limited


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I have been going hot and cold on getting an Edge for the last week. The dealer finally found my preference in exterior color (Brilliant Silver) and charcoal leather inside so I am supposed to sign the paperwork tomorrow night after work but am still having some doubts. I am getting D plan plus 0% for 60 months so I think I am getting about as good of a deal as I could expect.


I am trading in an 07 Chevy truck and went to the dealer to get a new 09 F-150 but the % rate on those was not very good, so I started looking at the Edge.


My question is this. Do the 09's have most of the bugs that the 07's had worked out? Mine has the Vista Roof (which I love) and I have read where those have had some issues.


Just need some good positive posts from all the Edge owners here to seal the deal for me. LOL


Thanks in advance..


Jim K

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If the payment is a concern you may want to ask about the Flex plan. It is 66 months 0%. It is not highly advertised, but available if you qualify.



I took delivery of my 2009 Edge Limited yesterday. I am glad I closed the deal. So far I love it. I was driving a 9 year old Explorer. What a difference.

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I've had my 2009 Edge Limited since early March and I am very pleased with it. I got the BAMR, Nav with hard disk drive, chrome 20 inch wheels, trailer hitch and after 2500 miles it has been trouble free. I've owned 4X4 Explorers since 1991 and the Edge has been a nice change. I can squeeze 22 mpgs out of it which is way better than the Explorers. I'd say, go ahead and pull the trigger if you are happy with the deal. Good Luck--ce

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