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07 Ford Edge SEL awd plus in New York


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I just traded in my 2004 lincoln lse about 2 weeks ago at Ford, and noticed the Edge. I ended up with the sel awd plus - panoramic moon, navi, 18" chrome, air filter, storage, basically fully loaded. I just cleared 1200 miles and im loving the experience, the new engine is powerfull and response is great, as well as steering. I have it in Orange mettalic rust whatever the color is on top with a black leather interior. The only downsides i found so far were - Buttons on console hard to differentiate at night and no mute button on steering wheel, no zenon HID headlights with a $38k car, and braking sometimes feels like there isnt alot of power behind them ( which i did read a article in edmunds.com about) but nothing that has altered my decision in this vehicle. Also the gas mileage is wonderfull i went from Brooklyn, NY to Laconia, NH in under a tank of gas (330 miles or so). Anyhow look forward to hearing from you guys and gals and learning about the vehicle and helping you in the questions dept.

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330 miles on a tank of gas (and you have a large tank) is not good gas milage. What did the dash MPG readout tell you. Also do the math to find the true milage.


If you used a tank jof gas in 330 miles, you probably got somewhere about 20mpg on the open road, and that is not good. Again, do the math.


BTW, most of us also get very bad gas milage, so once you do the math, don't feel bad.

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Whilst the brakes feel a little soft on a gentle touch, just enough to drop a little speed when required, they stop quite quickly enough with a little extra pressure. Mileage is probably about right for the speed you were doing (80+/- with the rest in the city etc). It does get better at a slightly slower speed as well, between 60-70 is where you can easily hit the EPA numbers (plus keeping the speed relatively constant).

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