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Parking brake does not hold on a hill?

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I parked in my bud's driveway, about a 20 degree slope. I like to engage the parking brake to hold it, then engage the transmission in park. I was surprised that the parking brake would not hold the car still, and I had pressed the brake completely for sure. It creaked loud and the car went down the hill.


Went to the dealer, and apparently there is a separate drum brake in the rear wheel for the parking brake (never seen that setup before). They told me they test the parking brake by putting the car in gear on a flat surface, then seeing if it moves with the car in drive and idling. They told me to engage the tranny in park, and apparently there is nothing "wrong".


That makes me a bit nervous next time I need to park on a San Francisco type hill, I guess I will make sure the tire is curbed, brake engaged and tranny in park. Hate to pinch the tire though.


What are your thoughts on this? I thought the parking brake should be able to hold it on a hill, am I wrong? Should I drive a bit with this aux brake partially engaged to rough it up so it will take a better bite (I am sure that is a bad idea and won't try it)? Any issue with loading up the tranny with a 30 plus degree hill? Will it "pop" when I disengage it?


I'd like to know your thoughts.

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