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Any new LED buying sites?

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could you give me a part number for the puddle lamps and lic. plate lights? Thanks!


If you read back over some of the existing LED bulb threads, there will be part numbers and info you might need to install them as some, for some people in some cases, require using resistors. I cannot recount all that here as it is a ton of info and already covered in detail - so I would read those threads as it might save you a bit of hassle. Also, the puddle lamp mod is not for the faint of heart as it requires cutting and modifying plastic housings - again, you can read elsewhere on that IF you want to tackle it. Most other bulbs are plug and play though.


What I can give you is my part numbers/titles for bulbs my 2008 Edge from that eBay dealer:


1 rear trunk cargo area: Super white 9-LED 39mm festoon bulb


2 front map lights AND License plate bulbs: Super White T10 6-Led 194-168 wedge bulbs


3 rear dome/map lights: Super White 6-LED 36mm festoon bulb (AND 2 home made puddle lamps 6418/1036)


2 retro fit factory puddle lamp bulbs: Super White 9-LED 30-32mm festoon bulb

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As for an LED supplier, I use warden_jp2002 on ebay motors. Here's a link: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/warden-jp2002__W0QQ_armrsZ1



I've over $120 invested in LEDs from him. No major issues after six months. I've yet to find better deals.


All of the LEDs went into my '93 Grand Marquis and the license plate of my Aunt's Edge. I'm reading up on it here so one day, I can convince her to let me LED out her car!

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