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Okay, first off, I am completely car retarded. I have no real knowledge of cars but...


Yesterday I got in my car, started it, put it in drive and noticed it kind of jumped or shifted abruptly. The speedometer would not register and my edge barely went an estimated 10 miles an hour. Luckily I was in a low traffic neighborhood. I had to coast through stop signs in order to keep moving. I had it towed to the local dealership and they have since told me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. They said they are getting no error codes and it's now driving just fine. It is still under warranty, thank God. Has anyone ever heard of this problem??? I know it wasn't just my imagination. HELP!!!!

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Could have been a temporary electrical glitch. If there are no codes and it's working now there's not much else they can do.


Next time it happens, pull over and turn the vehicle off and restart it and see if that fixes it.

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not sure if it's related, but my wife 2 weeks ago was driving down the highway and the vehicle "just died" she pulled to the side, restarted it. drove a little way's and it was running VERY ROUGH for a bit, then smoothed out. she continued on a few more miles. it DIED again. she took it to trade my son cars. next day she get's it to dealer for them to see what was wrong.


it was the coil and plug (looking at engine it was the front left) it now runs smooth again. we have 20,000 miles on the 07.

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