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Anyone install a PAC SWI-PS before?

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I tried... 2 days later I quit trying...


I got it installed correctly, good voltage numbers registered everytime i hit a steering wheel button....just couldn't get the dang thing to program... got to the part where you have to push the buttons in a specific order and nada zip nothing... its now resting neatly in the cubby hole in my way back...


I may try again someday...but just buying a wired Pioneer remote seems so much easier to me now


their tech support is helpful but i went thru about 3 100 ohm resistors so you may wanna pick up a couple spares cuz it only comes with one and the wire snaps off them easily... then youre stuck doing resistor math trying to wire 2 together... lol PAIN!!!!


but good luck let me know how it goes I'd love to get mine working...

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I installed the PAC SWI JACK (i have a clarion unit) and it hasn't given me any problems. It does make you press the steering wheel buttons a little harder or longer, but its only a slight difference.


dehydorn is right, try to use just a single resistor. Also I soldered everything together just to keep things clean.

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