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Noise from Engine


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I recently purchased a 2010 Edge and am loving it. However, I notice that when I'm accelerating and have the air condition on it sounds like I hear the engine throttling. I've notice that if I turn off the A/C I don't really hear it or hear it as much. I especially notice the noise when I'm using my phone thru the speakers. Has anyone else noticed this noise? Is it just the A/C helps to amplify the running of the engine or is it possibly something else. I've read some other threads on hear about the whining noise (and as it relates to the fuel pump) as others have reported but I'm not so sure I would classify mine as a whining noise. It basically just sounds like the engine reving as it goes through the gears but it just seems louder when the A/C is on. This may just be that I'm still getting used to the car but thought I would see if others are experiencing a similar noise/issue.

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