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I hit a coyote

Lex Talionis

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Unfortunately, the coyote did not survive :(


I was driving to a race up north early Sat morning. Driving on the off ramp to the race exit – 6:15 am still dark @ about 45mph – and he darts out from the left side. I saw him right at the last second, but subconsciously it felt. I even later recall as I reflected that he was trying to make a last split second path change in my headlights... But no such luck. I think we just ran him right over. He was full size. Destroyed the front lower skirt of my car and fog light housing on the drivers side – which I do not even care about to be totally honest. I pulled over and stopped stunned - my fiancé and dog were clearly freaked. Got my composure and went to look and see and hoped he had scrambled off just grazed or something. But, again, no such luck. He was dead off to the side – lying like he was sleeping. I was shocked and feel real :censored: inside about it. Nothing I could do it happened so fast.


I am not mister animal humanitarian, but love dogs and the canine family, and we have coyote issues where I live, but unless they try to harm me or my dog, I have no issue with them. But, to hit and kill one who was just out doing his thing, it is not a good feeling. A sickening feeling actually. I have never hit and animal before. I ended up winning the race, but it plagued me the entire time inside. I just kept recalling seeing him at the very last nano second in my headlights and how it looked like he was trying to change direction. The entire race I kept thinking that I wanted to have the speed for that race he did not have - that gave me motivation, but it was bitter sweat victory.


Anyway, normally I am pretty finicky about my car. But frankly, I do not even care right now as an animal died uselessly. The damage I can and will repair, likely myself seeing that it is just the skirt and not any paint or body so it might be more cost efficient to just buy the part than go the insurance route, but the coyote will still be dead on the side of the road. Darn coyote, why did he have to cross the freeway like that :(:shrug:





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Lex, I like you even more now. :) Not many people would care. All creatures lives have value.


He may have been chasing something, snack before bed. Also, being out that time of day he may have been ill. Coyotes are nite creatures and to see one with daylite not far off is not incredibly normal.


It is an unfortunate fact of life that animals run out in front of cars, wild and domestic. I rescue dogs, and I hear stories about people losing their pets that way too often. They just don't understand that cars are bigger and faster than they are. :cry:

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well, just got around to calling the dealer today. I have made friends with the main manager for fleet sales over time and he can get me the 2 parts I need at a great discount, and in the end, it will be much cheaper than my deductible - so going to just do the fix myself. plus, that saves me not only $, but the hassle of being out of the car for 5 days - I can do the fix in 1 afternoon I am sure - and risk it will come back with a new issue.

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Glad to hear that part of it is going your way.


I was at the dealer Saturday to get my stuff done and I went into the showroom to get a 2010 brochure. I got the itch already. Looking at it I like the Sport but thought about the wear and tear the lower parts get, and to have them painted I think maybe makes it worse. And now in your case it is damaged and you can replace it without bodywork. So I think I will stay with an SEL in the future.

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