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2007 Ford Edge AWD Review

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2007 Ford Edge AWD Review




(Detroit, Michigan) CarsAndTrucksForWomen.com - In 2003, Ford came out with their “If you haven't looked at Ford lately, look again” advertising slogan. The only problem with Ford’s slogan was that there were not too many products that wanted to make you look again. But the Ford Fusion, along with the more recently introduced Ford Edge have made a lot of people “look at Ford again.” And for good reason: The quality of the Ford Fusion is rated higher than comparable makes from both Honda and Toyota. The Edge has only been on the market for a few months, but like the Fusion, it has been a trouble free product. Consumer Reports did not rate the Edge in its 2007 magazine because it's too new to the market.


Our 2007 Ford Edge test vehicle arrived from Ford Motor Company equipped with the SEL Plus package, which included the optional AWD (All-Wheel-Drive). The sticker price, including the AWD package, but before options was $30,720.00. It totaled out at $36,580.00, including destination and delivery. See the breakdown at the end of the article.




I had originally expected for Ford to deliver our 2007 Edge test vehicle in Blazing Copper, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ford provided us their test vehicle in a color called Crème Brulee. Crème Brulee can best be described as a beautiful smooth, soft and silky color that really highlights the bold, yet gracious curves in an overall contemporary and elegant fashion. The overall flow of the Crème Brulee paint is only broken apart by the large, three-bar chromed front grille. The grille's design is characteristic of Ford's new design theme. The center of the grille features a bold and prominent over-sized Ford logo, but it looks right at home.



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