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Wanted to ask where my speakers are, i was told and read that there should be 9 in total.

I can see the obvious ones, 2 in the front doors, 2 in the rear doors and a big woofer in the trunk space. That makes 5 where the other 4?


Thanks for any help


Mr Tee

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8" woofer and 190watt amp in the back...


Where is this 8" woofer located anyone have a pic of it. I want to add an after market system but don't want a big'ol box just sitting in the trunk. Is there space on the side of the trunk I can fit say a 10" sub into and have custom fiberglass done? I had removed the spare tire in my last car and put a box in there but don't want to do that with the edge.

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Edgy Girl is correct.

The left side of the cargo area has a small storage area/shelf, and the right side is a grilled sub-woofer.

The stock DVD Audiophile system in my Edge sounds great! :rockon:



Audiophile system sounds pretty good however, I think an upgrade to aftermarket speakers usually improves the sound. I never like the sound of the tweeters (sound tinny)in sotck speakers however, in the edge they are decent. I plan to upgrade the front (2-way 5"x8"s?) and rears which I have not looked at closely but I think may be the smaller??? When I get around to doing it , I will post my results as I am trying to get some of the more necessary things done before I start on the luxury items!

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For now I'll keep the stock speakers.

I've found that stock speakers sound good for a while but quickly loose their kick and clarity due to inferior quality.

For now the system really sounds great so I'll leave it as is, but I'll definitely upgrade them over time.

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Some edges just have 2 cubby holes in hatch and no 8" sub. If anyone is interested in an aftermarket setup, please email me and I'll help you out and give you a discount on some high quality equipment. Go to help fellow edger's out :)




www.low-hz.com << Updating website still

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