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I will be purchasing an Edge later this year....I can't wait! One of my concerns is the Ipod integration. From my research and reading some posts the SEL comes standard with an mp3 jack. But it seems Edge owners are not happy with it. I looked at the TripTunes™ Advanced on the Ford accessories web site. It looks like what I am looking for, but you can't have the navigation system. Bottom line I want to play my Ipod using the Audiophile stereo system/steering wheel controls and also want the nav system. Is this possible? I currently have a Cigarette lighter plug in that I play my Ipod through which is terrible. The sound is not clear or loud....I am open to any opinions or ideas. Thanks!

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08's will be out later this year probably August they will be calling them 08's. Not sure if it can be retro fitted after the fact but I don't see why not probably just cost a bunch.


Theres always aftermarket options but you loose your steering wheel controls as far as I know no one has come up with a solution yet to keep factory steering wheel controls working on after market head units

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Hey jfeaga,

Check this link out. http://www.icarkits.com/advanced_search_re...e=1&sort=4d I had this set up in my Explorer and might go this route with my Edge. It plugs into the back of the stock radio. It was definitely cd quality sound and includes all the cable and instructions to do it yourself. Mine was $150 but you get $20 off if you send them your fm transmitter.



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Let me tell you a story.


I have the premium sound package radio in my Edge, so I decided why not give TripTunes a try. I had my Dealer install TripTunes on May, 1, 2007. It worked for 2 days. When I got off work on May 3, 2007, and went to go home I tried turning on my radio. The radio was dead...nothing worked. I took my Edge back to the dealer and he ordered a replacement radio.


The replacement radio came in on May 8, 2007. They installed the radio, but only part of the radio operated. I could get the AM/FM and CD to function, but none of the AUX inputs (sirus and TripTunes) nor the wheel controls would work. The Dealership said they needed to order another replacement radio.


The new replacement radio finally came in on June 11, 2007...a full month later :censored:

I took my Edge in June 12, 2007 and they installed the new radio. Guess what, the new radio works fine as long as TripTunes is not hooked up to it. :banghead:


The Dealership called up Ford Tech, and they said tha there is a known issue with TripTunes and my radio. They wanted to have the dealership to take out the TripTunes and send it back so they could re-program it. Well I told them NO. I had them remove TripTunes and give me my money back.


Word of advice to all of you out there....DO NOT GET TRIPTUNES.


For the 2 days I had use of it, it was not worth hassle. Even when it was working, the interface with the iPod was confusing and hard to navigate. It would be hard for me to recommend, even if they get their issues worked out with it.



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I am open to any opinions or ideas. Thanks!


Not sure if this will help, but my wife took our Edge to work last week and used her ipod without any problems with the "line-in" connection. Worked out great listening to her "book on ipod" for the 45 min. trip.

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