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big tires/off road


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Maybe on a SUPERDUTY...


Sure you would want to do this on a Fusion chassis?



This is the way the future suv/cuv/light truck chassis are going(no matter how much the old school resists)to keep production costs down,lighter build weight,better cafe average(mpg)for the whole make vehicle lineup(envirostuff).Might as well start figuring out how to race this stuff.

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no... 35's are to big... you would totally kill your gear ratios and mpg. Probably be cruising 60 mph at idle... find us some super lite rims or something to reduce unsprung weight/rotating mass... that's what we need... not big ass tires...

maybe soon we'll see what one will do here gutted(interior and other non essentials)with 35" all-terrains

some 3" coilovers and a little massage work on the cv's and ring and pinion!

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