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HID headlights


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Anybody know if hid headlights can be installed on the edge????If so, where can u purchase them and which ones are best. Do not want the cheap, blue lights u see comng down the road on those hondas.


I did, and looks awesome too. Here is my post with images.




I used some 6000k's and Relays ...

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Thanx da-edge...i will definitly be adding the HID's.....checked out your photos....looks real good on your edge......who did you purchase yours from....was it on craigs list????


Yeap Craiglist. Many sellers in my araa had them available and I went after the best price. You might want to check out this guys that ship for free.




Just remember to also purchase the Relay Kit along with the HID Kit

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Thanx da-edge...will check craigslist today.....check out my new post....edge was lowered yesterday, posting pics now.....man it looks 100 x better...the stock 18"s actually look like 18" now....


Very Nice.. I like that lowered look. I wish I can lower mine, but my wife also drives it and she hates lowered cars.. LOL


Props to you pal. :rockon:

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