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Does the Edge come with a Home Link opener?

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I added one to my Fusion. All the Homelink transmitters are the same and just use 12V power. I bought a homelink equipped sun visor for a Maxima off Ebay for $30, removed the homelink transmitter and wired it into my Fusion sun visor. Removing and reinstalling the fabric cover without cutting it is the tricky part. I cut mine and it looks bad but works great. I'm going to get a new one and try it without cutting it.


If they add it to the Edge for 08 you should be able to buy a new visor if the colors don't change. Or you can get a rear view mirror with homelink built in but be aware that both will be in the $200-$300 range. They're not cheap which is why I did the ebay thing.

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If not having Home Link is a deal breaker tell the sales person this and they would probably install the mirror with Home Link for free.

or you could just spend the extra money on it instead of taking the money out of the Salesperson's pocket...


These things dont have thousands of dollars of gross profit for the dealer, work your best deal on the car and then buy the accessories. That mirror isnt cheap, http://www.fordaccessories.com/product/For...passMirror.aspx



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