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Lights Out


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So last night I'm driving and I am using the voice activation to set an address into the navigation when all of a sudden I get a white screen and then the screen goes black. :redcard: :angry:


I'm freaking out... :censored:


I call my husband to look up directions so I'm not driving aimlessly. After about 2 minutes Sync rebooted itself and then everything was working fine.


Later when I went to drive home I started the car and the right drivers screeen says Navigation error, the navigation on the main screen is fine but the radio sounds all choppy. After a few minutes the driver screen is functioning and the radio sounds fine.


My husband thinks I should take it to the dealer... but right now everything is working okay.


Does anyone know if there is a system "log" that shows glitches and restarts that the dealer would be able to analyze?

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well being a Microsoft product reboot often fixes most things. I had mine (2011) comes up with some fault or error message and then unable to read SD card message. I was on my way some where and when I got back in car to return I saw a real quick windows type error message that blipped to quick to read and then it came up with message that I am sure meant re-boot. It was blah blah doing required system update or something close to that. after a few minutes everything worked. Only the Nav unit seemed not to work.

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I'm sorry but at the risk of sounding really stupid I will ask....


Just how do you re-boot your Edge? Is it as simple as turning the car on and off?


Just gathering all the facts before mine comes in!


I didn't do anything... the system rebooted itself. I have heard that you could take out the fuse for a hard reset.


The Edge has been working fine since.

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