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    New Moderator =)

    Yes it was - I still love my 2011!
  2. choff1138

    Is Anyone Satisfied With Their Edge?

    I am coming up on Sheldon's 2nd birthday (2011 AWD) and I still love this car. I did finally upgrade to the v3.0.2 which has better maps, but I preferred the v1.8 I had been on previously. Yes, I was one of the few that this worked well for. My car has only been in for oil changes and the update, where they managed to break my driver side window, so I will be going to a different dealership next time. I have gone 30k miles with this car, so well driven. I would still recommend an Edge to anyone.
  3. choff1138

    !@#$#@#&%$! Emergency Flasher Button

    2.11 isn't the most current update anymore either - Maybe that will help. Good luck.
  4. choff1138

    WTF to my updated MFT!

    I would say that mine is worse with the updates - at least in the USB use section. The voice commands are the same, response is the same, maps are better. All in all - I would take my old system back.
  5. choff1138

    Outside Temp Gauge

    I noticed this difference every time the temp was below zero - It was almost like one had a negative zero. I was always glad to sit on the warmer side of the car.
  6. choff1138

    2012 SEL - Dead Battery!

    I had the light on the screen in 1.8, but the radio never kicked back on. I am now in the habit of locking the car regardless of where it is parked though. I haven't see it in the 3.1
  7. Learn the voice commands and don't use the touch screen. Good luck....
  8. Wilson - I seem to remember you saying a long time ago that you don't keep cars long - might be time for you to give in and just sell - for whatever you can get. So that you can go back to being happy with a car.
  9. Dingo - have you noticed that with v3 now music doesn't just start playing from your USB device of choice? I have the auto play selected but even if I leave it on my ipod, it doesn't start playing on its own anymore. I have to actually go to the music quadrant and hit play. Blah! Other than that, the upgrade seems to work fine. No better than what I had, but no worse.
  10. MFT doesn't work like an iDevice... it isn't as easy to browse that is for sure. I don't think I have found a way other than to start all over.
  11. choff1138


    It is a happy meal toy
  12. choff1138

    Yet Another Front Grille Question

    I was going to say 3 or 4, but make the chrome strip either the blue or the black, depending on which....
  13. choff1138

    MFT upgrade overview

    They replaced you APIN - which is the hardware. There have been two issues - some software seems to bug out, but some hardware was also bad. Glad they got yours fixed up.
  14. Ok, I am giving in and finally going in to get mine upgraded to v3. Easy to say, I am nervous as hell. They have to order my stick and nav card, so next Friday is the day. Hope I continue to have good things to say after.
  15. choff1138

    Vacation! Here We Come

    So jealous up here in AK - it if F'in snowing right now. But.... Have a great vacation.