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Center Console (Media Hub)


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The center console is DEEP.

What do I keep in there besides my old iPod?

Well, my iPad can stand up in there with room to move. Not sure why I would put it in there tho.


I noticed the underside of the console lid had slots in it for my Starbucks card.

I also noticed some kind of space under the power point. What is that for?? More Starbucks?


Haven't tried the coin holder. I wish it was relocatable closer to the front.

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It is really deep. I keep all my charging cords, an umbrella, a notepad and other misc and it still could hold more.


I keep my ipod in the coin holder. Not sure I'm ever going to use the spaces on the lid.... we'll see!


Didn't notice the space under the power port. I'll have to check that out.

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