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2010 Ford Edge Rear Cargo Hatch Glue Melt


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I received a new Ford 2010 SEL AWD Edge Dec 2010. Company Car but very well loaded.


1. After about 2 months I noticed the Chrome Clad (Plastic ) Wheel covers with glue marks and road dirt on glue type adhesive.

2. Took car in to local Ford. They said the plastic film was never removed from Chrome Clad Wheels. 2 hr cleanup at Ford with Goof Off cleaner.

3. 4 Months later same issue. They missed some glue on the chrome clad. I was informed this was damage to chrome clad caused by road debrise.

4. Cleaned myself with Goof off cleaner.


A. After my AMP on the NAV radio shorted, took car to dealership.

B. They had to order part.

C. Picked up vehicle and noticed glue dripping from the rear hatch painted panel. (Above license plate) Ford Emblem is scratched or paint missing. And now glue was running down each side

of hatch release onto paint. I guess it was the 100F heat in Texas this summer. Cleaned up with Goof off cleaner.


When I take my car back for Radio AMP replacement I will show the dealership the glue that is dripping down the painted surface above the license plate. The actual white painted hatch cover

is loose where the glue has been melting.

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