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Exterior Temp not reading correctly


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Just a thought here, but have you driven it around for a while?


Reason being, I had an Acura TL and read a whole writeup on some complicated algorithm that Acura used for measuring outside temps. Basically in order to ensure accuracy (and not read engine heat) the car had to travel over 25 MPH for a period of like 5-10 minutes before the car would sample the outside temperature. And if there was a lot of stop-and-go without a continuous 5 minutes at speed, it could take quite some time before sampling the exterior temp.


Also, there is usually some type of service menu that allows for calibration, but generally it shouldn't be off by much. I have a G35 and it consistently reads about 4 deg higher than everything else, including my wife's car and any other signage.


Sorry about your superhot temps... not nice for the first week of fall. :)

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