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Edged in the club


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Well after two years of footing around and denile I finally got my edge


2007 Creme Buele w/ Tan interior AWD SEL PLUS all options but only basic 6 cd stereo and it has the BAMR.


only 49k miles and a clean carfax/accident history/along with a pile of recipts


paid 18,400 for it


so far initial thoughts after two weeks of ownership...


Diffrent...big inside BAMR AWESOME!

tan interior + ARMY is a dirty mix

cant wait to see how well it handles this winter


my proj mod list if it doesnt take money away from wifes f-150, our motorcycles, kids, and of course me renting aircraft/track time






stereo avic120 most likely

might do a power rear gate

hood struts


tires rims


if anyone is near Fort Drum, thats where I am currently serving, parents live in Detroit area....I'm an aviator in the ARMY, happily married and love tons of fast toys and slow ones too!


just thought id say hello

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Best of luck with your new ride. Just turned in my 2007 SEL Plus with only 21,000 miles on it. Loved it and that's why I now leased a 2011. I prefer the 2007 center console over the 2011, it has a better upper tray which I miss


Thank you for serving our Country, God bless you and the family

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