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I've only had my MKX a couple of days and I've been hesitant to give my impressions of the navigation system as I haven't fully studied it yet ... but I can't say I am impressed with it.


While it may have a really pretty 3D display of major American cities like the Ford commercials show, the map display in my part of Canada is pretty dreadful. It shows ONE highway outside of my city (the TransCanada) unless I zoom in all the way to 250m. It doesn't even show provincial boundaries! Worse still is that I can't scroll the display any real distance due to the heavy push required and the inconsistant responsiveness of the LCD screen. I haven't yet figured out how to simply find a city/town unless I know of a valid street address in that city. The turn list display is thumbnail only. At any zoom range, if you have POIs enabled then the rest of the display is pretty much obliterated due to their size. And the fact that it announces upcoming turns in miles while the system is set to metric tells me Ford probably didn't spend a lot of effort testing it in Canada.


Navigation voice commands are extensive but I've had more problems with voice recognition on it than the rest of the MyLincoln Touch system. One nice feature is the good navigation functionality available from the infotainment controls on the steering wheel and smal LCD. I haven't yet looked at how up to date the maps are in new development areas but I can't say I'm optimistic.


Now I'm actually really pleased with my MKX and the MyLincoln Touch overall but the usefulness of the navigation system is far less than my 3 year old Garmin or the Google maps on my tiny smartphone screen.

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