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Hey guys,


Hopefully I can explain this clear enough. The other night it was foggy, and I was looking at the headlight pattern/light beam trail of the headlights. I was standing in front of the Edge with the lights on and I noticed that both headlight patterns pointed towards the passenger side, almost like as if the Edge was looking in that direction. When I look at the headlights themselves they look like they are pointing straight and true.


I checked the manual to see if it needed to be adjusted but the headlights can olny be adjusted up and down and not left or right. Maybe Ford did this purposly?


I wanted to check to see if anyone else's Edge is the same as well. Can anyone else confirm the same?

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Lights being pointed a bit off center to the passenger side is normal. just a precautionary thing as to limit peripheral light towards oncoming traffic. same practice is used on many car makes and models.


*reminder to those installing new headlights. ALWAYS check the headlight adjustment height with EVERY new installation. most people dislike being blinded

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I know that they are pointed to the passenger side slightly. But my driverside is pointed much more to the passengers side to the point where it crosses over the passenger side light beam like and "X" shape. Something definalty not right there. Will be taking it in to the dealer to have them take a look at it.

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All lights in the US have a slight offset to the right. In fact, all countries where traffic stays to the right, lights are aimed that way to 1) not blind opposing traffic, 2) light signs, 3) illuminate potential crossers (human or otherwise)


This is a DOT requirement in the US.



BUT, having said this, only a portion of the beam is offset and the "center" should still be centered. You might need to have the light recalibrated. They should have a machine that can measure and adjust it.

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