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Transmission Problem


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Mine has the taking off in 4th gear problem. It did it the other day from a stop light, then it downshifted so hard we thought we had been rear ended. Took it to the shop this morning. I am kind of concerned, I told them to check it for a bulletin on the trans. because it had downshifted real hard in the past. They told me there were no bulletins on it. I then gave them the number listed here and they decided there WAS a bulletin and would check it out.


If I had to give them the numbers after they had supposedly looked I am not holding much stock in them fixing it.

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Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since we took ours to the shop. The trans didn't come in when it was supposed to. Then there was a seal that took forever for them to get. Now they just called and said Ford had contacted the dealer with a new design for an external cooler and it is being shipped in, so maybe by the end of the week it will be done. I am in no hurry, my miles were way higher than I wanted them to be so this will help get my average back down.

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