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Gear shifter doesn't indicate which gear?


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Is the gear shifter supposed to indicate via a light which gear you are in? I'm talking about the actual shifter on the center stack/console area. You know how in the instrument cluster the gear you are in glows red? Why doesn't it do that on the actual shifter? All of the gears light up when it is dark out, but no change in color.

I've sometimes shifted into manual instead of drive and didn't notice until I either saw it in the instrument cluster or when the engine didn't automatically shift....

Seems like such a little thing that should be there...

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I'm beginning to learn by shifter position which gear I selected plus the number of clicks from park to drive. However, a couple of times I'm not paying attention and selected Manual only to race the engine and watch the tach climb. Im my mind a very simple cheap option to add an indicator. Yes, I know, you can look at the dash.

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