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  1. No idea what year Edge - http://www.justanswer.com/ford/33558-replace-lamp-gear-shifter-ford-edge.html Good luck!
  2. Today, on the way home from work I received a text message from a coworker. I don't recall if I gave him my private phone number. I listened to message while driving via MFT. Oh great, need to spend time reading some Oracle logs! I arrive at home realizing it's not a text message, but an email from a Microsoft Exchange server. When did we start receiving email notifications on MFT? I know I receive several work emails while driving and the system never notified me. I'm running IOS 7. whatever the latest; I'm to lazy to look. No big deal to me, but wondering why?
  3. Wow, I missed the thread and just read it; nice job! I like the factory racks for a couple of reasons. I use the Thule's with feet in the door channel; no fan of the setup. I can't move the racks far enough apart to properly load an 18 foot sea kayak. I'd like the racks under the bulkheads for better support on the boat, but can only spread the racks to 36 inches. I believe the factory racks I can move out to around 40 inches; good! More secure attaching the Thule to factory rack; the feet wrap around the rack. I just picked up a Thule Helium hitch mount bike rack to carry my road bike. I thought about adding a bike rack to my Thule crossbars, but long reach and trying to balance the bike in the rook rack while tightening down the supports looked scary. I can use the hitch mount rack to for holding the bike while cleaning and lubing the chain. I hear the Thule Aero bars cut way down on rack noise. Next car, Aero bars versus square bars.
  4. rwolson

    Bug Deflector

    IMO< run don't walk and buy the WeatherTech. No drilling, a few inserts which go into predrilled factory holes and I think a standoff using double-sided tape. I installed the WeatherTech last summer and don't remember details re: the standoff. I replaced a cheaper deflector which broke. The WeatherTech's well built and worth the money
  5. I transport kayaks on my Edge with a Vista roof. See my photo. Thule setup! I never heard about voiding warantee, but they may question you if you break the roof when dropping a crsossbar on the glass. The dealer maybe talking about the Ford rail system used by the non-Vista Edge; who knows. I know both Thule and Yakima sell roof rack kits requiring drilled holes in the roof plus an insert to hold the roof rail screws. I never went down the path because the hole's a recipe for disaster in my opinion. I think someone on the forum installed the setup and seemed pleased. Note, part of the Vista roof's a glass or plastic cover over metal and not part of the Vista system. I thought of buying the next gen Edge when available, but instead maybe moving to Audi. I want a real roof rack with a glass roof versus Ford's system.
  6. You might want to send a message to the FordVTeam account listed in the thread - http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/14176-new-backup-camera-installed-may-need-rcv-config/ I know on the Ford Explorer forums various Ford groups read the messages. I'm hoping they can provide with some guidance.
  7. Yes, you'll need a dealer trip to enable the gridlines. I don't know of any way to DIY! Dealer replaced mine after the last MFT upgrade failed. Camera worked for a couple of days then lost the gridlines. Dealer configured the camera during replacement.
  8. Note re: Delayed Reboot to set the record straight. The Delayed Reboot came from a Ford update to resolve a Sirius channel lineup issue. You can read the information here Ford’s Sync My Ride site - Agreed. Reboot better at resolving issues. The reboot app came from here...http://boards.synccommunity.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?tsn=1&nav=messages&webtag=fordsyncmb&tid=3904 ; This was to update Sirius channel line up. The last step in the file is a delayed reboot. It is safe to extract that portion. Actually, the whole thing is OK cause the Sirius channel line up data replacement if not needed it just goes to the next step- delayed reboot. That is what was extracted for a simplier plug in. The DIRECT reboot was distributed for a short time & then Ford Mysteriously stopped & would not discuss. I have one. Works great on the fly. But it is locked so passing it around will not work.
  9. Also, just curious, what about other voice commands, do they still work? You may need a simple reset using the Delayed Reboot utility, fuse 29 pull, etc. I've run into similar problems in the past remedied by a reboot. No, don't do the Master reset which wipes out your Nav Favs.
  10. I found a great link on the WeatherTech site for a photo and video. No idea what car they used. Checkout - http://www.weathertech.com/product-education-center/floorliner-digitalfit/ Note, WeatherTech produces two different floormats - one a liner and the second, All Weather Floor Mat. You're looking for the Floor Liner. The Floor Liners cover the sides by your feet and the back of the mat. Do a search of the Ford Edge forum; I think some photos exist of the Floor LIners. I installed Huskys in my '11 Edge before WeatherTech started making Floor Liners for the new Edge body style. I like the Huskys, but like both Husky and WeatherTech Hope the info helps
  11. 66K miles on mine; no problems to date.
  12. IE 11 you may need to play with Tools>Compatibility View Settings and probably add the website to the list. Many documented problems on the web for IE 11 issues including Google Search.
  13. rwolson

    2015 Ford Edge Concept Introduced

    I'm just hoping they add roof rails as an option with the BAMR roof. We'll know more once the vehicle's ready for build
  14. rwolson

    Backup Camera Woes

    Replaced in my '11 too after the last upgrade
  15. One thing to consider. I know you're probably draining all fluids from the bike, but if you're driving long distance do you want to smell left over fuel, oil, etc. in the enclosed car? If you're driving short distance no problem. Also, post photos if the bike fits.