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Shopping for an Edge

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I have been following this forum for a while now since we started looking for a new vehicle for my wife. We have narrowed our search down to an Edge with the following specs:

  • AWD Limited
  • Candy red
  • Bliss
  • Drivery Entry
  • Tow Package
  • 20's


We had an edge as a rental for a week and really enjoyed the ride. Another part of the decision for me is all that the MFT offered. Our shopping experience took a right turn yesterday during a visit to a dealer with a friend who is also in the market. I saw the new Explorer!


I know this is an Edge forum, but has anyone here taken a look at the '11 Edge vs the '11 Explorer and give me some insight?

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were looking a the new explorer as well. What specifically are you asking? They're two very different vehicles which will serve different functions for us.


Eddie, as an owner of a Edge i would like to know your impressions of the Explorer compared to your Edge. Driveability, feel, overall experience. I can compare specs side by side, but it is always nice to get someones personal impressions.

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To me the new Explorer is just a bigger version of the new Edge with some new updates such as electric power steering. The dash is almost identical on the 2. I have seen both of them is person and like both of them. To me the decision would come down to what size vehicle you want. I like the smaller size of the Edge and the slightly better fuel mileage. The Explorer has a third seat which I don't need. Go to a dealer that has both of them and test drive and look them over. That is what I did when I bought my Edge, we were looking at the Taurus until we saw the new 2011 Edge and drove both and ended up with the Edge. The new Explorer is hot right now, the dealer where I got my Edge told me when I was in for service last week that they are selling them almost as fast as they can get them.

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Hot selling cars = less room to bargain.


I too looked at the SHO until I went to the ford site and saw the 2011 Edge Sport. Was instantly hooked.


Do have to say, I am loving the new Explorer, though, like Curlysir, I have no need for a 3rd row (already have an Odyssey in the wife's garage). Plus, all the bells and whistles add up on the Explorer, much more so than on the Edge.

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