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Ford Edge Forums - which do you visit?

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Which Ford Edge sites do you visit? What happened to FordEdge.org? They have close to 600 members but I don't see any postings?


I checked out FordEdge.org, and the site looks like it had, at one time, great promise. Somehow, though, the message forums became a repository for all kinds of spam. Doesn't look to me like there's any kind of spam filtering going on with that site.


The only sites I visit are this one and blueovalnews.com. If there are other good ones, I'd like to hear about them.

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This one and myfordedge.com


I also used to go to fordedge.org That was my first site actually. But the smap is HORRIBLE and I started marking each one and emailing the "admins" over there. No replies and nothing done. Then not only was it just prescription pills spam they started to actually get a bunch of pornography. I have no use for that type of site.


This one will be my winner. It is the most active and so far so good on the spammers!

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It's up to owners to make a forum great. Robert Lane does a very good job as admin, but he can't do it without you guys.


I have noticed that while the Edge is outselling the large GM crossovers, the forums for the GM vehicles are more active. Edge and MKX owners need to step up.


Speaking of MKX owners, are they around?

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