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New Limited in the AZ Desert


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We ordered our Edge in November, it was built over night Dec. 22-23 and arrived at the dealer Jan. 10. We did the paperwork and paid the money on Jan. 7 and picked it up the morning of Jan.11. The details:


Red Candy - Not the best for the desert, but we are tired of silver & white cars

Medium light stone interior - it gets hot in the desert - we will be putting sheepskin seat covers in front

Trailor package - bigger radiator for the desert

Driver entry package - for ?

Navigation - for no good reason


No BLSS - I decided I wanted see what was out there instead of being told "something" was out there.

No sun roof - it gets hot in the desert. Once you decide "no sun roof" what you can have is very limited.



The trailor hitch receiver is flush with the back edge of the bumper. It should be recessed a good 6" so the bumper can be a bumper.

The red candy sure shows the dust

The turn signal function will take some learning. I have a couple of left then right turns and I am used to pushing the turn signal from left to right and on the Edge, that just turns it off.

Pairing my phone to Sync (this will be a separate message)


In general, we like it. We haven't had any major problems. There is a lot of "getting used to" in the electronics.


We only have 400 miles so far, but we will add to that.

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Welcome. The Edge is a great and my wife loves hers. I get to drive ours sometimes. I really wanted a sunroof in ours but not for the extra money we would had to pay. It gets hot here in TN so It is a good thing I guess. We have about 600 miles on ours so far. Bought ours on 31 Dec 2010.



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