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Installing Remote Start


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Good Evening,


New here, just have some general questions.


Family friend owns a 2007 Edge. They want me to install a remote starter for them. I'm not new to installing starters, in fact, I've done quite a few in my day, and have a vast knowledge of pretty much anything automotive. Just have some questions.


They are looking at a type that is a one-button keypad that they can add to their key which has built in lock and unlock buttons. So install should be pretty straight forward.


The only few things I want to make sure before I install....


1)is there a hole in the firwall, or where would be an easy place to drill so I can get a couple wires through (hood pin and tach).


2)what bypasses seem to work the best for the ignition key transponder system? If needed, how do I get the ignition cylinder out?


3)talk to me about the tach signal, I read somewhere that it only goes to the cluster via the data line. Could I use a tach signal from a crank sensor or cam sensor? And where could I find these wires?


Anyone ever install a remote starter in their edge? What sorts of things am I up against? Thanks for any info!!!



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1, There is a large gromet that factory wire go through that i passed mine through. i also passed 4ga power for amp in this location also.


2. I used the idatalink for the ford. it will require 2 factory keys to program the module, but then you dont have to hide any keys in the vehicle. There are a few different modules out there that will do this. xpress kits...


3. tach you can grab at any injector. Just the "non-commmon" wire. If you look at all the injectors there are 2 wires. one is the same color on all of them DO NOT use this one.


They are a fairly easy vehicle. once you remove the panel below the steering wheel and remove the steering wheel shroud you have access to most of the wiring.

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Hey Baum,


Thanks for the info on the starter install. I have been too damn busy and haven't had time to doing anything yet, but have been reasearching.


Couple questions on the idatalink. The pink wire, says "ignition input", does that one go to just the ignition switch harness, to the wire that shows B+ when ignition is turned on? So I could connect that in with the ignition wire for the remote starter. Or am I wrong?




And for this step, correct me if I'm wrong, but I just need to locate this plug based on my vehicle and the wire colors listed previously in this manual, and then connect the RX and TX wires to their proper locations? So the only reason they show 6 different connectors is to cover multiple vehicles with one manual?




Thanks for your help!!!

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