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Jiffy Lube 'identified' front diff problem


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Hi all - I have a 2007 Ford Edge SEL AWD. Took it for a recent oil change at Jiffy Lube, and they indicated to me that the front differential was empty and/or barely registering. Found it odd that they told me they 'stuck just about everything they could down the hole to get it to register' but didn't have any luck. They filled the front differential and indicated such on the invoice.


I admit that I've never had anyone tell me anything about differentials before, so I was a little shocked to hear it now. There have been no leaks in the garage, no leaks in my assigned parking space at work - nothing.


Drive off, and not even within 30 minutes, I start smelling burning oil. I get home (45 minute drive) pull in the garage, only to crawl under and see the entire underside of my car covered in splashed oil.


I call my Ford dealer, and when I explain I just had my car serviced, he asks 'Jiffy Lube?' - I take my car in for service and the service department tells me that the front differential isn't really a servicable part, and Jiffy Lube shouldn't have filled anything. They tell me that Jiffy Lube techinicians blew the seals (Part No. 8T4Z 7275 CD : KIT - SEAL) and that the oil I was seeing as being splashed under the car was actually coming from the leak and some overflow vent.


I haven't noticed a leak since the factory warranty-covered repair - but am wondering - has anyone else had this happen??



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I’ve told these stories here before, but they need to be told again every once in a while.


My son worked at a Honda dealership right out of high school.

He told me several times the %$#-lube across the street was their favorite customer.

They were good for at least 1 rebuilt motor a month.


A friend had the oil changed in his 1 yr old Mazda at a %$#-lube in Colorado Springs, on his way to Texas (in New Mexico) he checked the oil= no oil.

Put a quart in = no oil.

Did it again, same thing, etc.


Motor started running REALLY bad.

Stopped at the next town and took 9 quarts OUT :censored: .


When he got back to Co. he stopped by the %$#-lube.

They said “ :doh: HA so that’s where the dip stick for that ford van went.



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Yep these people work at these oil change places for a reason, cause they cant get a job at a real repair facility.


I stopped going to them years ago when I owned my 1992 Mustang GT.


The 1992 5.0 had 2 drain plugs. I was under the car doing some maintenance when I noticed how filthy my front drain plug was and how clean my rear plug was. I cleaned off the front plug and applied a strip of paint on it to see if gets removed during the next oil change. After the oil change I pulled out and parked in the lot and looked under my car and sure enough the front plug was never removed to drain the oil out. I went to the Manager and had him question the employee who did my oil change and he insisted he removed the plug so I made him and the manager look under my car and the Manager fired him on the spot for lying to me and to the Manager.


I never went back and stayed away from these places.


I can understand why people use these places but for a few $$ more you can have the dealer change the oil and know it was done right 99% of the time, I have known dealers to blow engines too.

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Looks like Jiffy Lube has a repair bill to pay. Big reason why I never let these people touch my cars, that guy down in the pit draining/filling your oil probably was 16.



Haha - yea, the kid did look 16.....I never quite understood it either - because it NEVER looks good when the entire crew is huddled in front of your car with a manual.....

I think I'm done with Spiffy Lube.....I'll take my Ford vehicles to Ford certified technicians at a dealer......


Valuable lesson learned......


Thanks for sharing your story!!!! :)

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