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Electrical question


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So, i have a set of aftermarket (amber in color) LED lights spliced in with my parking lights (in the front). My question is, how can i make these mimic my front parking lights,.... ie: blink when the parking lights blink, like when using a turn signal, or hazards? Right now, they come on with my parking lights, but do not blink. Are just constant on. While they look cool, i thought it would look even more trick if they blink with the corresponding blinking parking light. Suggestions?



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Remove the ground connection to the LED from chassis and tie it into the signal light circuit wire,the LED will pickup ground thru signal lamps an go off when signal is flashing,reverse of signal lamp. when signal is off the Led will light and when signal is on the LED will go out.Marty

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Both wires from the LED's are spliced into both of the wires from the turn signal bulbs. I'm not sure i'm understanding you,... are you saying connect both wires from the LED to one single wire from the turn signal bulbs?


-Cannon (slightly confused, sorry)


I want the LED's to stay light WITH the amber turn signals,.. and blink when they do as well.

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