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Perimeter alarm sounding at gas station

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I have a 2011 Edge Limited which includes the perimeter alarm feature. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong but I keep setting off the alarm. Here is the scenario:


Walk up to the vehicle in the morning with IA key in pocket.

Touch door handle and doors unlock.

Get in and press button to start engine.

Drove to a gas station.

Shift into Park.

Press button to stop engine.

(doors automatically unlock as I have "Auto-unlock feature" enabled.

Open door, get out of vehicle (IA key still in pocket).

Pump gas.

Grab door handle and open door, alarm sounds.


This has happened to me twice now, I'm stumped as to what I'm doing wrong. I'm assuming it's not liking some behavior that I'm dong above. I would really appreciate any tips anyone could offer, I'm just not sure why an alarm would arm on a car where the doors haven't even been locked??



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Any chance your inadvertently hitting the panic button somehow? I know it might sound like a dumb idea but try relocating your key to a jacket pocket or somewhere other then where youre currently holding it and see if anything changes.

That is a possibility. Where my keys were in my jacket they admittedly where kind of jammed down between me and console/seatbelt latch. I will do a test tonight and see if that corrects this. I was thinking the alarm was arming itself automatically so I was thinking that was the issue. Certainly, you should be able to get out of your car without it setting an alarm, correct? Like parking it in a locked garage, etc?

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I've had my Fusion for 5.5 years. Last week I was walking into the office and heard an alarm go off in the parking lot. I was carrying a grocery bag with coffee supplies and my keys were in my jacket pocket. I couldn't see my car for bushes (it was about 75 feet away). I turned around to make sure it wasn't mine and it stopped. Since I didn't hit any buttons I assumed it wasn't mine. Before I could get in the building it started again. Turned around and it stopped again. Then it started a 3rd time so I walked all the way back out to where I could see it and sure enough it was my car.


The groceries were pressing the panic button on the remote in my jacket pocket. The confusing part is that it turned off by itself twice. So now I just assume that somehow it got pressed accidentally.

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I did a little further investigation and figured out something interesting. When I put the IA on my keychain it ended up right next to my electronic security token that I use to access our computer network. The shape of that device is round on the end that attaches to the keychain, then it becomes straight after that, overall it's maybe 2 or 3 inches in length. What I noticed is when it's pressed up against the fob in 2 of it's 4 positions the rounded part of the access key lined up perfectly with the panic button on my new fob. I took it off the keychain and moved it to another position where it would press against the back of another fob I have and it hasn't happened again.


This probably won't help out 1 in 10,000 other people, but I figured I'd share anyway.

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