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My New 2011 Ford Edge


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For the last 15 years I've had Mercedes vehicles and a "beater." My first beater was 1994 Ford Explorer Sport. When the air conditioning finally gave out, I looked for a used Escape because it was about the same size. This car had to be parked out on the street, so it wasn't going to be a top-of-line new vehicle. The salesman had me try a 2008 Edge that had been a dealer rental, and it was so much better than any Escape, I took it. It was a bare-bones as they come, but it served me well for three years (although sitting on the street, it got clipped once for $2500 of damage and took its share of other San Francisco Street punishment).


Finally, I got tired of having the Mercedes 2009 E350 for commuting, and the Edge for weekend tasks. Too much hassle of find street parking etc. I traded both of them in for the 2011 Edge Limited. It seems to be virtually as nice as the E350, minus real wood and one feature I loved (the passenger side mirror tilted down automatically in reverse, making it easy to park against a curb).


I'm OCD about quiet interiors and of course, at 150 miles, the 2011 Edge doesn't have a single buzz or rattle. I hope it stays that way.


So far I love everything about it but the wheels. I can't understand why chrome-covered plastic would be desirable by anyone! They may have to go if I can find some reasonable replacements that aren't so gaudy and aren't so plastic!

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