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Hello everyone!


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Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I have been looking at buying an Edge, so I decided to join this forum to feel out other owners and what they think about the Edge. So far the technical section's offerings have been worrisome, but I know that the tech section of any car site does not have "my vehicle is working perfectly!" threads because of the nature of those kinds of problems! Overall I have heard that the reliability is pretty good, but we will definitely be scared away from a purchase if those kinds of problems are normal. I hope they aren't because we have seen a number of them around town and we feel our hearts are already set...


Enough doomsday talk though... looking forward to my stay here. :)

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I've had my Edge for a little over a month and have just under 1000 miles on it. I have not had any issues whatsoever. The vehicle has been a pleasure to drive!


I think this forum is a good one for research, but remember that people have a tendency to share more negative experiences than positive ones. Good luck in your

decision making process!

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Thanks, cptampa. I belong to another forum for my current vehicle, a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria, so I agree, most people come to a car forum to talk either A, about their troubles with the car or B, about their love for the car. :D Technical areas of forums are invariably stuffed with problems because yeah, who comes to a forum for problems when their car is working? Haha.


I'm trying to keep my previous car forum experiences, and the sales numbers of the Edge in mind. Maybe we will just get a low-end one without MyTouch and have leather seats installed, lol.

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