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droid and sync texting

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i bought a droid2 this weekend because someone wrote it's compatible (along with the droid x) for the texting feature. When i try to send messages it says "message sent" but on my actual phone it shows the message i just typed plus 'sent by my ford' signature, however it doesn't send. i have to press send on my phone which defeats the purpose.


Also on the screen when i click on receive messages it just says "receiving messages" in the yellow top left box and doesn't receive anything.


Is there a setting to make this phone work with the texting?

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I have the Fascinate and I can't get texting to work. Would be nice but from what I understand from other posts, it's about the bluetooth version with your phone. I think I'm saying that correctly.


If anyone else has a Fascinate and the texting is working, please post.

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well after about 10 master resets and pairing/unpairings i finally got the texting to work with my droid2! for some reason my phonebook wont download but hopefully thats an easier fix.

nevermind its shot. phone wont connect. tried pairing again and again. im so frustrated with this.

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