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Sync is dead

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Help! I brought my new 2011 Ford Edge Limited home last night and after checking the syncmyride website saw there was an available update to the software. I downloaded the software to a small external HD and plugged into the USB in the car as directed. After about 5 mins of waiting for a prompt of some sort I unplugged the USB and decided to try a flash drive I had. When I went to start the car the second time I get nothing on the mainscreen at all and only the message Audio Off on the right console LCD. I have pulled fuse 29 to no avail. What did I do?????

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First time to update the Sync, you should have gone under the Apps and install updates. I suggest you take it to the dealer and have them take a look at it instead of you trying to mess with it.


Thanks for the reply. Thats exactly what I will do tomorrow. How would I have known to go under Apps first to install?? I was following the directions on SyncMyRIde.com which say to insert USB and wait for commands. Is the dealer going to try and say I screwed something up?

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If you didn't do anything after plugging in the USB key, I don't think it did anything. its probably a coincidence that your sync died after plugging in the USB key. As far as I know it doesn't do anything until you access the settings and install/apps. Just plugging it in as far as I know does nothing..



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