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Underhood Noise


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I have an issue with my 2011 Edge (have the MyTouch system). I hear a very high pitched tone emitted from underhood (almost like an alarm) that can been heard ~20 ft away from the vehicle. This noise is generated with key in the off position after driving (key can be in the ignitiion or removed); it stops after a short period of time ~20s (I need to actually record the time) when you hear a relay click underhood. The dealer reviewed the issue, talked with Engineering, and assessed several other Edges - they came to the conclusion that it is normal; however, I cannot believe that this is true. My question - is anyone else out there experiencing the same issue and have you addressed it? It is rather annoying and I would like it resolved - thank you for your input.


P.S. I have also had multiple MyTouch system issues: loss of clock, multiple reboots, and poor transition from SD music to phone (music volume is increased just prior to switching). I also had a wind noise issue that the dealer was able to fix with some work to the driver side mirror (TSB was issued for this).

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I have a similar high pitched sound that I can hear outside the vehicle when idling. It's on my list to ask the dealer about when/if i have to take it in for something else. After 3 weeks, apart from the MFT system rebooting a few times and a growing frustration with the voice recognition i still haven't seen any issues serious enough to take it into the dealership

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Thanks for the replies, but this is not the fuel pump (although I did notice that it is noisy, too). I am continuing to work with the dealer, and will post any findings if they're able to resolve it.

I mentioned something similar a while back (in January):



"Not sure if its related but when I first got the car, sometimes I could walk in my garage and the car would be "buzzing". It was an electrical extremely high pitched squeel but you could hear it clearly. If I started the car and turned it off again it would stop but I'm so convinced it was to do with the IA."


Its not the fuel pump for sure as the car would not be running, not be unlocked and thats why I think its to do with IA.

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