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I had a few issues installing my hids and getting them aimed correctly. Anyways i noticed tha the are slightly going up and down in intensity (like pulsating) . Its not noticable until you look on the roadway and see it . If i park in the garage and look on the wall i can see it. Anyone have this issue before? I read diff ideas about it being the ballast or the bulbs. Thing is i cant swap them around as it looks like it is happening on both sides. Also i am useing a relay harness with this kit. What a pain this is turning out to be. They are xentec brand from ebay $40 i beleive . I am tihinking of rippin this crap out and going with 55w kit from ddm tuning. Any ideas? Thanks.

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That's a problem I've never experienced with aftermarket HID kits. Sometimes (most often) a poor ground wire will cause weird things to happen. Like, one light out, one light on, alternating back and forth.... This sounds like bad voltage regulation. Can you return them to the seller? I've used DDMTuning exclusively and I've never had an issue with any of the kits I purchased (also around the $45 price point). I you are unable to return it, You might also want to try replacing the relay that's on the harness. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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I was thinking it was the voltage regulator. I already replaced the cheap relay with a oem ford one that i had as soon as i received the harness. I am going to contact the seller and see if i can get a replacement at the least. I do have another ballast from the kit i bought for my wifes equinox i am going to try to swap it out with that and see if anything changes.Thanks.


lol guess its because you get what you pay for

here is a video that shows exactly what mine are doing Edited by Mystichrome
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