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2011 Edge Navigation System Defective

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We bought the 2011 Edge Limited 2 months ago and have been very please with everything except the Navigation system. It gives erroneous directions and simply cannot find certain addresses. We spoke with the general manager of the dealership about the issues and he indicates that Ford is well aware of many issues with the My Ford Touch and Navigation system problems, but there still is not resolution. Although we love the car we would return the car if the navigation won't work. Does anyone have any insight as to what can be done about this problem?

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Sorry I can't help but just want to say I agree with you and want people to read this too. My 2011 Edge navi is worse than my 7 year old Expedition's Navi. Yesterday I typed in an address a few miles away from where I was and it said I was "too close" for it to give directions and to "refer to the map"-- I just shook my head on that one! I've almost given up using it and now bring a $150 Garmin for backup. This is not acceptable for the price they charge for this junk.

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I had an 08 Edge with Navigation and had no problems but it was not the best system I have used. I have now had my 11 Edge for a month and my initial happiness with the Navi (voice progaming/being able to program by voice while in motion/mute button to shut the lady up.. etc..) has faded. My system drops off a lot and manually looking for street addresses is a pain in the butt. You enter a street name and it tries to give you a whole list instead of letting your finish further defining the street (ie .. Blvd west etc..)


My larger gripe is the whole sync system. My blackberry connects/wont connect. drops off for no reason. The message telling me I can load the quick dials from my phone book keeps showing up even though the quick dial is fully loaded (haven't found how to shut it off yet). The touch screen is very sluggish/slow to respond if you have ever used an Ipad etc. My emergency flashers are constantly going on due to how I place my hand to work the buttons (the emergency button is to sensitive or in the wrong place) I am also NOT a big fan of the turn signal system. constantly trying to get it to stay on or turn off Everyone must think I'm a 80 year old since I look down and find the signal blinking happily away since I can't hear it with talk radio on at a normal volume.


Love the ride, love the interior and exterior, like the improved gas mileage but the electronics suck.


Sync my ride ? Fix my sync !!!!

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Hello Guys,

I live in saudi arabia and i went to Ford local dealer to get the Ford edge Sport 2011 and guess what , the car dosen't have a navigation system all the Edge 2011 car produced for Midel East and Gulf area dosen't have Navigation

System that what they said and also no web browsing and you need to wait for 3 weeks because they don't have the sport type in stock and i had to pay 40000$ for it.

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