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    2013 Edge Impressions and Reviews

    As far as reliability, I have major concerns regarding my experience with my 2011 Edge. As most have said, the SYNC system, when working properly, is great...However, even after numerous firmware updates, mine is still very unreliable. Constant reboots, missing data on the touch screen, and bluetooth that sometimes connects to the phone, and sometimes does not. My most recent reliability issue was the door ajar light coming on, for the driver's door. My Edge is just our of warranty, so I was not pleased to have to pay the dealer $487.00 to replace the driver's door switch. Unlike most manufacturers, who use a $4.00 spring loaded momentary jamb mounted switch, Ford, taking a cue from BMW, integrates the door switch into the door latch mechanism, which requires total dis-assembly of the door, in order to replace the latch/switch. This latest incident, along with the SYNC debacle has left a bad taste, so when the EDGE lease is up in a few months, I'm moving to a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  2. tarponbeach

    PTU drain plug

    My 2011 Edge AWD is leaking as well. 30k miles. Taking it in to the dealer tomorrow. I'll report back on the diagnosis.
  3. tarponbeach

    Piddly but annoying... cargo cover

    All Ford had to do was to mount a real retracting cover to the back of the seats. When reclined, the cover mechanism would move with the seat. BMW figured this out years ago, but I guess Ford really was not interested in a better solution than the pitiful vinyl cover that we have.
  4. tarponbeach

    New 2011 Edge Limited AWD Owner Angst

    I've had my 2011 Limited since October 2010. Initially, Sync was totally buggy, but since the latest update, it has been pretty reliable. Mine seems to have issues with any USB device (iPod, Memory Stick). Every now and then, it will display "iPod Dicsonnected", which is remedied by shutting down the Edge, and re-starting. Also, every now and then, my Driod Incredible will not pair, but again, restarting the Edge fixes it. I've gotten to the point that whenever Sync goes mental, I just chuckle. The hiccups do not occur that often, so when they do, they are just a minor annoyance.
  5. tarponbeach

    Vibrating Passenger seatback

    Front seat back vibration at speed is usually due to a rear tire that is out of balance.
  6. tarponbeach

    Dome Lights Stopped Working

    Very odd, but last night the front, rear & cargo dome lights stopped working. Map lights work when switched on manually, but neither opening a door or pushing the dome light switch next to the headlight switch will turn on the dome lights. Does anyone know if there is a separate fuse for the dome light circuit? Could not identify one from the diagram in the manual.
  7. tarponbeach

    Route Issues

    I agree that the route selection is kind of lame. Drove to New York City over the weekend, and I usually take the Lincoln Tunnel to mid town. Sync took me through the Holland tunnel, and then through some really random streets
  8. Same here. After the Gen2 dealer update, I would have to do the lock routine twice for it to start. After installing the latest update via USB, remote start is back to normal, only requiring 1 round of pushes on the remote
  9. tarponbeach

    Latest update BT4T-14D544-BE. Experiences?

    Not sure if this is coincidence, or a result of yesterday's update: Remote start now works on the first try, instead of having to do it twice.
  10. tarponbeach

    Fresh from the dealer a Limited.

    Congratulations, you will love it !
  11. tarponbeach

    Latest update BT4T-14D544-BE. Experiences?

    Ditto for mine. Update took about 20 minutes
  12. Interesting, syncMyRide also shows this available for mine, but I already have a higher version installed (BT4T-14D546-AG)
  13. tarponbeach

    DRL's on American 2011 Edge

    I installed a DPDT 12 volt relay, which will activate when the Edge is running. When the relay energizes, it will disconnect the LED's from the vehicle's electrical system, and supply +12v to the LED's. By using a relay, the LED's are lit when the Edge is running, but when the ignition is off, the LED's will operate normally with the lock/unlock function. Power for the relay is supplied from the under hood fuse box, using a Littlefuse tap, available at Pep Boys. Here is a link to the wiring diagram: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/5566-drls-on-american-2011-edge/page__st__20
  14. Since the v2 update, mine has been perfect, except that remote start now takes two tries before it starts. Other than that, I am pleased.
  15. Nicely tell your dealer that if they attempt to charge you for the upgrade, that this constitutes a breach of express warranty.