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  1. I see, which is $60K in US dollars, which is a decent price for the GT.
  2. Where did you see an 80k version?
  3. How do you know the tunes are being revised? We have not heard anything from Livernois? They seem to have no updates on the ST tune.
  4. Do you have any mods or is your car stock?
  5. Does he also tune the transmission shifts? I have the Livernois tune and I would not call it a night and day difference.
  6. The people who will be able to answer the transmission question is at the ST SUV experience. Unfortunately, the dealer/models at some of the booths at car shows don't much other than what they're told. They are there to sell cars and are not going to answer any negative questions about the car. Anyone going or has gone the ST SUV experience?
  7. Please stop with the bullshit explanations. Everyone one your post in the ST forum you shit on the ST. Like I said before we get it you don't like the car, and I wish you would stop posting here. Something is wrong with you, and I wish the moderator would do something about it. You should go hang out here https://www.audiworld.com/forums/q5-sq5-mkii-discussion-218/.
  8. I don't know why he keeps posting here as he hates, the vehicle does not have one and has nothing positive to contribute to the ST forum. He's obsessed with hating on it, and needs to take his complaints to Ford.
  9. When will the V3 tune be out? I have the V2 tune, and it's nice, but it's not the kick in the seat I was expecting.
  10. Ford included power folding mirrors on the European Edges, so I don't see why they could not add it to the US model. Power folding mirrors come standard on some SUVs costing less than Edge.
  11. The US Edges never had power folding mirrors, but the 2016-2017 European models do. Please see the video below and go to the 6:36 mark.
  12. I know, and I find it funny, and it happens when a new model comes out. We'll see about the fastest claim once the reviews start coming it, and it does weight 200lbs less than the outgoing model. It's too big for me, but it's not bad, and I don't hate it.
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