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  1. My Edge has DENTS, my F-250 has 1DENTS, wifes Baja has DENTS (truck). Have to get new plates for all the cars if I get out of the body shop business
  2. randyf

    Five Months Later

    Not to be a smart ass, but it seems like the car was more for her & not you. Not everyone has the same tastes - I like my Edge & the wife likes her Baja & we each complain about the others car.
  3. randyf

    2012 finally got here

    Why would they want to take 500 off the trade?
  4. I have an 11 Sport & it makes the same high pitched sound. Not the HID, since mine doesn't have it
  5. Only the windshield glass is safety - 2 pieces of glass with plastic sandwiched between. All others are tempered, which in theory, you can hit straight on with a hammer & it will not break. Hit the edge of the glass just slightly & you have a million pieces of broken glass. I believe your glass was not installed correctly. The body may have been in contact with an edge of the glass & body flex may have caused the implosion. Many times the edges of the glass remain in place after the break. If that is the case. the glass company may be able to tell if it was not installed correctly.
  6. If you look on the earlier post on the thread, someone has posted some pics. I have the weathertech's in my 2011 Sport in the front, second row & cargo & coverage is good - nothing has gotten on the carpet. The only problem is the mounting tabs on the LT floormat - at the time, the Weathertech only had one mounting hole & the 2011's have two. Not sure if that has changed yet.
  7. randyf

    2011 Sport problems...

    I have heard of people having problems with the vista roof which is why I stayed away from all options exc. nav on my 11 Sport. With that many issues than can be seen with plain eye & being able to replicate the electronic issues at the dealer, Ford should take the truck back.
  8. randyf

    2008 Black Edge Paint Problems

    Are all the white dots chips in the paint or do I need glasses?
  9. randyf

    Poorly Painted

    I have to agree that orange peel is excessive on these cars. Not in all areas, but in my case with my 2011 Sport it is on the liftgate & quarter sail panels. All others areas are fine. Color match on the bumpers is slightly off but I have seen worse on the aformentioned Lexus's & Toyotas. Being in the buisness, I know it is hard to match paint on dis-similar surfaces. Especially when plastics require different materials for adhesion than metals. Couple that with having a bumper & fender or quarter butt up to each other at the same angle at eye level & the match issue is magnified. I let the dealer touch one of my cars once. I have an 04 F250 that had some dirt in the tailgate. I took of the gate, removed all the hardware & made it simple for them: Sand & shoot. What I got back looked 5X worse than the original problem. I had them pay me to fix it right. Orange peel can be removed without a repaint but measurement of clear coat thickness is required. If you wet sand & buff, there needs to be enough clear left on the car to protect from UV light. If too much is sanded off, the clear will eventually haze & subsequently flake. I can live with the little bit of oarange peel that the car has, but like edgieguy pointed out, you would expect more from a company that wants to compete with & charges a similar price to Toyota/Lexus
  10. randyf

    Edge Paint, Hood, and Windshield

    Being in the Body Shop biz, I can say PDR might not work because of the proximity to the contour line. Hood may need to be painted, or you can buy the air deflector Ford sells for $80 & it would cover the dent. I put one on mine to deflect the rocks - worked on by Dakota & F-250 - never a chip.
  11. randyf

    Why did you get your Edge?

    I really didn't like the Edge when it first came out - looked like another shoe box styled car, but my wife was interested in it after we got one in for repairs at our body shop (She runs that, I run the mechanical shop). It was a 2010 Blue limited AWD and after the suspension work was completed, I took it for a test drive. I was impressed with the ride for what I considered a small vehicle - very smooth. The tech was neat & maybe, just maybe, it wasn't as ugly as I first thought I was afraid to use the voice recognition stuff - I figured I would end up calling someone by mistake. That was last spring. I spent the next couple of months trying to rent an Edge so I could drive it for the weekend without having to deal with sales people but did not have much luck - only was able to drive a Flex, which reallly does look like a shoe box. Put the whole idea on hold until October. I finally broke down & went to the dealer & test drove a 2010 Sport & liked it but could not justify the money they wanted for a demo with 5000 miles on it (2000 less than a 2011 Sport). So I researched the 2011 Sport & I have to say really liked what they did with the face lift, the engine & all the stuff that came standard on the package. I ordered a Sport FWD in red at the end of October & received it in the middle of December. Other than the usual Ford MyTouch issues we all seem to be having, it has been one sweet ride & gets looks were ever it goes.
  12. randyf

    edge Sport 3.7L oil filter

    Motorcraft is FL500S, Service pro is M2500, Napa is 7045. FL820 is for all 4.6,5.4 & 6.8 liter V8's.
  13. I have had the same system maintenance screen come up on my 2011 Sport. This did not happen when I bought it but after the dealer did the first update (I was having problems with connecting to Sync services, so they did an update). After this first update, the USB drive would freeze &/or freeze & skip over songs. The black screen of death is happening to me about 2X per week as well. Ford did another update last week but no change in regards to the crash, but it does seem to take less time for commands to be executed & the USB seems to be not having as many issues.
  14. randyf

    2011 Edge Sport mileage issues

    I have had my FWD Sport since mid Dec. & at BEST it has gotten 24 - driving 60 mph on interstate - just to see if it could get to 25 that it's rated at. My driving is mostly highway and its getting about 21.5