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  1. 07 Edge 3.5L AWD 127k miles When I have the Edge parked on an incline and shift out of park, the load dissipates and a loud "clunk" is heard as usual when reverse engages. However, this clunk continues to reverberate sometimes until i move off of the incline. It's almost like a tinny rattling sound, like something is bouncing around the front end of the vehicle once the transmission is in gear. The transmission also makes a strange sound in reverse, like a very quiet ticking when backing up an incline.
  2. Filtercharged07

    What Edge Trim Level Did You Choose and Why

    I don't know if any of you remember the SEL AWD PLUS trim level, but that's what our 07 Edge is. Ford replaced it with the Limited shortly thereafter. Has basically every option available minus the nav system and moonroof. Has the DVD player in the back, climate control/heated seats, came with chrome-plated 18 inch wheels, no tow package, and of course AWD. I believe it has the 3.39 final drive, but I have to double check the axle code
  3. Filtercharged07

    Summer Tri-State Area Meet NORTHEAST USA

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone wants to meet up in Northern New Jersey to cruise around and get some chow at the Chatterbox drive in, possibly on the night of a car show.
  4. Filtercharged07

    Slotted/Drilled Rotors

    Phil, I'll have some pictures for you by tomorrow!
  5. Filtercharged07

    Cleaning entire engine bay+valve covers

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering what the best way is to clean the entire engine bay without damaging any electrical components. The valve covers have a coating of salt/corrosion(??) that I would like to remove, too. Any tips?
  6. Filtercharged07


    This looks INCREDIBLE! Amazing job my friend!
  7. Filtercharged07

    Slotted/Drilled Rotors

    Phil, we have powerstop slotted/cross-drilled on our 2007 Edge. They work AMAZING in conjunction with a set of ceramic brake pads. Only warning is that the rotors are zinc-coated to keep a nice silver finish for around a year. After a year, some surface rust starts to show on the vents/hub. This can be coated with High-Heat paint by Rustoleum. I would highly recommend the rotors/pads though!
  8. Filtercharged07


    After installing this intake, did you have to get a tune to reprogram the air/fuel ratio? (SCT Tuner, etc)
  9. Filtercharged07

    08 MKX with H&R Springs

    I don't believe he is, although he can be found on his Youtube channel. He has videos of him racing (and beating) a Lancer GTS at the drag strip, and a few walkaround videos/exhaust videos of his car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5NxUbf35aw
  10. I posted this in Classifieds, but just want to get a bigger audience. Anyone interested in a set of 4 factory 18 inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels off a 2007 Edge SEL+ AWD? They're in great condition, and come with 235wide Hankook Ventus AS tires with 15k miles. I'm located in the tri-state PA/NY/NJ area. Anyone interested? NOTE: The wheels are dirty right now (as seen in the one picture) but clean up very nicely as evidenced in the other photos. Also, they come equipped with the TPMS and do not have center caps.
  11. Filtercharged07

    08 MKX with H&R Springs

    Hi! Here's a pic of Chadrippy's 07 Edge that has the lowering springs. Also, while you're at it, pick up replacement shocks. Rather safe than sorry, and both of our rears have gone already between 95-98k miles
  12. Filtercharged07

    07-10 MGP caliper covers, ipod interface.

    I'm interested in the caliper covers! How much?
  13. Filtercharged07

    2007 Edge Parting Out

    You have the plastic piece that houses the cupholders in the center console? How about the shifter/shifter assembly?
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking to sell my set of factory OEM wheels off a 2007 SEL+ AWD. They are the 10 spoke wheels on 235/60 R18 Hankook Ventus AS ALL SEASON tires with roughly 15k miles on them. They are equipped with tire pressure monitors, too. These are the factory wheels, and have gone through two/three sets of wheels. The wheels themselves are in great condition, however they are dirty at the moment due to the winter roads. I'm willing to sell these for 750, OBO. I'm buying a new set of wheels and tires for the car and I need to sell these to help cover the cost. I'm located in Milford, PA, willing to meet anyone in the tri-state area. Shoot me a text at 570-687-7750 or email me at Tom.Spillane.USA@gmail.com. PLEASE NOTE: The wheels/tires are still on the vehicle, I will be taking them off as soon as I have a buyer. Thanks. Thanks!!