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    How do I know if I should have navigation?

    You may have the same issue I had with my 2011 Edge Limited WITH nav. Even though the SD card was properly inserted, the Nav System was not activated at the factory so it would never work - nor would the Nav quadrant (Green corner) ever show that I had Nav. After convincing the dealer I purchased it from that it did indeed come with Nav (had to produce the window sticker) they enabeled the Nav option through a software update. Worked fine ever since the software update!! If your Nav has not been activated at the factory, the "I" (Information) Icon will be in the upper green quadrant - not the "Navigation" label. Good luck !
  2. HotLap

    2012 Edge rear Ford emblem trim

    The rear chrome beltline trim comes on the 2011 Limited as well. The only thing I'd be careful with is Ford is very fond of using "locator pins" for many of thier trim and badging pieces...which means holes may need to be drilled or you would have to break off the locator pins and use adhesive....it does really dress up the rear of the vehicle though. I wanted to remove the Lincoln star front fender badges and unfortunately, there are two holes in the fender for the badge location pins...since I don't want to repaint the fenders the badges get a free pass...might paint the black though so they don't stand out so much...
  3. HotLap

    Help with mods to my 2011 MKX

    Update, I did the tire swap. Ended up going with the Pirelli Scorpion Zero in the 265/45 R20 size. Very close to the original diameter and the look is much improved over the Stock Pirelli's. The tire shop let me drive on them for a weekend to see if I liked the ride. In normal driving I don't really notice any difference. I wouldn't go any wider than this though on the stock 8" rims and may eventually decide to go with an after market rim at least 9" wide. Very happy for now though as the look is greatly improved (IMO) and the drivablility/ride has not been drastically changed. I'll try and get some pics for everyone.
  4. HotLap

    Removing air box "snorkel"

    nt - I was looking at the factory "ram air intake" in the 2011's and was wondering if it would be worth the trouble to open up a few of the blocked grill openings using a dremel. Not sure it would really make any diference or not...thoughts....
  5. HotLap

    Air filter kit

    I'd be interested in checking out a K&N for my 2011 MKX...anyone have info? Probably using the same filter as the Edge.
  6. Head down to you LLD and check them out on an MKX in person, If they are the same (good bet they are) just order them through Lincoln...I did this with my 2005 F-150 and ordered the Mark LT chrome door handles and they fit perfectly.
  7. HotLap

    Tinted Head/Tailights

    Agreed, while it looks nice, it reduces the visibility. Just last week I almost rear ended a guy in a Tahoe who had tinted his taillights...were so dark the brake lights looked like his running lights...I would have been very upset if my new MKX was damaged due to someone trying to look "cool". :angry:
  8. HotLap

    Upgrade to chromstrip under windows (limted)

    I'd just stop by your LFD and have them price it out for you.Generally beltline moulding attaches by clips that are part of the backside of the moulding. When you remove your orig beltline mouldings be very patient or these plastic clips will snap off and you wont be able to reuse the mouldings. Have learned this the hard way (on more than one occaision) If you do the chrome beltline mouldings also look into the chrome mounlding that goes across the rear hatch right under the rear glass (surrounding the Ford blue oval), Looks good with the chrome beltline mouldings on teh Limited. Good luck
  9. HotLap

    Ventilated Seats

    Both my '09 F-150 Platinum and 11 MKX have the Air conditioned seats (I say AC because many of the German cars have ventilated seats - they blow air - but not cooled air). Anyway, my theory is that when you are sitting in the seat you are pretty much blocking the ventilated holes in the leather - so that's why you don't feel it as much as say your legs where air can exit via the unblocked ventilation holes. I can hear my seat fan running when it's in the high position so Iknow it works. I would like to know the area where the fan comes through the seats. Also, there are air filters in these systems, if you have a 2007 - you should proably change the filters. Good luck!
  10. HotLap

    Help with mods to my 2011 MKX

    Thanks everyone for your replies. The exhaust is a bit more sound than I'm looking for - but please post your final set up! I'll test the wires to figure out which ones to use...I'm thinking of tapping into the sunroof switch - it's on/off with the ignition and should be able to handle the small load of my radar detector. Again, thanks everyone - appreciate the input!!
  11. HotLap

    Trailer Hitch

    Great idea, is the Class 3 hitch smaller diameter than a Class 2 hitch?
  12. Recently traded my 2011 Edge Limted for a 2011 MKX. The mirrors won't fit - MKX has a bit smaller, more rounded mirrors than the Edge. Check with Lincoln for the chrome door handles though I believe they would fit the Edge and you'll have the proper "touch sensitive" driver/passenger handles.
  13. All, recently traded my 2011 Edge Limited for an 2011 MKX. Several mods I'd like to start with are: 1) Install my Escort 9500xi radar detector. I have the blendmount and the Invisicord already and just need to know the wire colors for the switched power (on/off with the key). The MKX is loaded so there must be a wire in the overhead console area that I could tap into. I did this with my 2009 F150 and it worked great...anyone know the proper wires? 2) While the MKX has dual exhaust, it's too quiet. My Edge Limited had the faux dual exhaust - but it did have just a bit of rumble...wondering what the MKX would sound like if I swapped out the stock muffler for a Magnaflow or removed the rear collectors? I don't want to make this MKX loud or obnoxious - just a subtle change is what I'm looking for. 3) Tires. I have the 20' x 8" rims and would like a bit wider tires, for more of the X5 look, but don't want to ruin the handling of the MKX either. Anyone have experiece with this and how did your Edge/MKX handle after you went with wider tires? The 8" rim is fairly narrow so I wouldn't want to go too wide. thanks appreciate your input.
  14. If you have a black Edge, go to your local Pep Boy's / kragen, etc., and get the flat plastic push fasteners in the HELP section. There are some that are for GM that fit perfectly are very flat and are gloss black. I just did this for my new Tuxedo black MKX and they blend right in.